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Our honesty in making selection of the best stainless or raw material for the quality manufacturing and the use of argon welding system in our manufacturing process which is safe for food preparation products as there is no risk of lead contamination exist.

1. Undertake to manufacture all kinds of stainless steel furniture and stainless steel works.
2. Stainless steel works according to your design.
3. Field works at various job sites in factories, whether it be system supervision and manufacturing of production
    accessories within factories or design works, layout of production line, laying, insulating and installation of pipes,
    insulation works, design and installation of material transport system or making improvement and maintenance of
4. Complete circuits of

Works on cutting, folding, rolling, welding and fabrication of steel and all kinds of stainless steel.
Fabrication works of storage tanks, mixing tanks, pressurized tank, silo tower tank and all kinds of storage tanks.
Fabrication works of all types and sizes of stainless steel control cabinets.
Industrial Piping Works, such as, water pipes, air pipe, gas pipe and steam pipe for example.
Design works for the installation of heat protection insulator for all kinds of industries.

Sample of Products :

    Stainless steel oven
  Stainless steel refrigerator
  All sizes of stainless steel springs
  Kitchen Utilities furniture made of stainless steel, whether it be smoke
    ventilation hood, sink basin, food preparation or dining tables.
  Stainless steel doors
  Stainless steel cones
  Laying of production line wrapped over stainless steel pipe.
  All sizes of stainless steel tanks (From 20 20,000 Liters capacity) whether
  it be steam jacket tank of 2 layers or 3 layers, stainless steel stirring tank,
    mixing tank, rolling tank and pressure tank.
  Spray dry tank.
  Material screwing machine
  Stainless steel crusher for use in factories.
  Cold Storage Door
  Stainless steel push cart
  Suction pipe and cooling pipe.
  Square stainless steel sump
  Stainless steel rail for stair
  Stainless steel conveyer belt
  All kinds of machinery accessories made of stainless steel
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