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This is one of the reasons that Thaistainless Company Limited hold on as principle that leads to the production of good quality products by the way we selected only GRADE A raw materials aiming to assured satisfaction of customers.

With more than 25 years expertise and skills in STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS manufacturing, we have recognized all loop holes and outstanding features of raw materials available for production as well as the design factors for up-to-date improvement.

Outstanding quality of stainless steel is its resistance to corrosion due to humidity and shiny reflection as well as requiring minimum maintenance and can be apply to various types of application.

In 1983 Mr. Prayod Jenjudkarnkit has established a manufacturing facility of products using stainless steel, whether its be stainless steel freezers and kitchen utensils for retail shops or restaurants under the name "Thaistainless Shop" and operating business under that name until 2005 and we have changed the name to be "Thaistainless Company Limited" in order to gain more trust from our customers. The company has been providing services relating with stainless steel in support for industrial factory groups, such as, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, automobiles and others.

Furthermore, our company also providing services on system maintenance and manufacturing accessories within factories, whether in the design, layout of line production, pipe laying and insulating, installation works, insulation works, design and installation of material transport system or providing improvement and system maintenance, providing all these with efficient service mind withholding and awareness at all times that the best service that can be offered is our main objective, whether its be punctuality, straight forwards consultancy in order to obtain maximum efficiency.

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